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  • The smart investor’s guide to ETFs

    Why all ETFs are not created equal Exchange-traded funds (ETFs): three big words taking over financial news in 2016. ETFs had a record year in 2015 with investors pouring in over USD $347-billion*. There’s no doubt ETFs are heading towards...
  • What’s so active about active ETFs?

    The difference between active and passive investments In celebration of the launch of two new Questrade Smart ETFs, we thought we would dive into the world of actively managed ETFs. We’re going to walk you through what an active ETF is, how...
  • ETFs 2.0: Looking at the brains of smart beta

    Can smart beta build a better portfolio? Key points: The difference between beta and smart beta ETFs using smart beta offer increased transparency, diversification, and objectivity Smart beta is a low-cost way to implement different...
  • ETFs 2.0: indexes

    Why indexes are a building block of ETFs In our previous post on ETFs 2.0 we explained that ETFs often charge lower fees than mutual funds . This is partially due to the fact that many attempt to duplicate an index’s performance rather than...
  • Introducing Questrade Smart ETFs™

    Now ETFs can be both smart and sexy Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) play an important and growing role for investors. They provide the low cost and instant access to your investments during market hours like a stock and the diversification of mutual funds...
  • ETFs 2.0: the language of ETFs

    These ain’t your grandma’s ETFs When ETFs were invented about two decades ago, they were fairly basic investment products. No longer. Sure, some still passively mimic indexes. But now there is more talk about smart beta, factor-based modelling...
  • Investing trends 2015: a discussion summary

    Forecasts, predictions, and trends for the year – what you might have missed On March 26th, Questrade Smart ETFs™ presented Investing Trends 2015 , a panel discussion with some of Canada’s top financial minds, at the TMX gallery...
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