Trade alerts to take security up a notch

Keep an eye on what’s happening with your investments


Key points:

  • Use our trade alerts to help keep your account a little more secure
  • Keeping track of movement when you use different order types has never been easier
  • Smart alerts keep you informed of changes in investments you own or are monitoring



Online security is a serious concern these days. The Yahoo security breaches led to more than a billion accounts being hacked for personal information and data. According to one study, there are estimated to be   4.92 billion email addresses worldwide in 2017, so this hack represented approximately one out of every five email addresses in existence. Unfortunately, the risk of the email hack goes much further than someone reading your email – it can open you up to online fraud.

Online fraud stories are regular items in the news. The exact dollar value of online fraud is difficult to measure as people often don’t report what happens to them but the issue is a serious one that can impact the lives (and life savings) of everyday people.

We take your security very seriously at Questrade, as you can see in our Online Security Guarantee, but we don’t stop there. We also provide resources to help you learn about common frauds and scams you could encounter online and the security measures everyone should take as part of staying safe online.

There’s more. To help you stay up-to-date on your account activity at all times, we offer a number of alerts.


Trade alerts

Get instantly notified by email or text message (it’s your choice) whenever something is bought or sold in your account.

Trading activity alerts aren’t just for the security conscious, though, they are a handy tool for all types of investors. You can use trading alerts for different order types in our platforms. For example, if you set up a conditional order your order doesn’t go to market until the underlying condition is met. Your order could also expire if the time you set for the order passes without the condition being met. Getting alerts when these things happens keeps you better informed with what is happening in your accounts, and it also helps your stay more secure.



Smart alerts

Staying on top of your account doesn’t stop at account activity. You can set up smart alerts to see price or volume changes on specific investments, and investments hitting new 52-week highs or lows. We’ll notify you by email when significant events happen to investments you own or are monitoring in your watchlists.

Smart alerts are based on a set of pre-defined conditions you choose. They can include price movements, 52-week highs or lows, and high trading volume. Learn more about smart alerts and how to set them.

Here’s an example of how smart alerts works:

  1. You set a price alert to notify you when stock ABC is less than $100.

  2. If the price of stock ABC falls below $100, the alert is triggered and you receive an email about the price change.


How to set up alerts

Alerts are available in our IQ Edge trading platform today. If you’re not already using IQ Edge, it is easy to download and install on your desktop. Both Windows and Mac versions are available. Once you have IQ Edge on your computer, learn how to set up alerts. These alerts will stay active until you turn them off from the User preferences section of your account.

If you choose text alerts, you’ll receive a text message that looks something like this when activity happens in your account:




More information about your account and investments as well as better account security are another way we’re working towards making investing even easier.


What to do if you receive an alert for a trade you did not make

If you ever receive an alert for a transaction that you did not make in your account, contact us immediately. Chat online or call us at 1.888.783.7866. We’re available Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET. You can also email any time.



Do you use trade alerts? How can alerts help you? Share your ideas, comments, and questions with us below.

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  • Is it possible to, or is Questrade planning to enable alerts using the web site, for those of us who don't have a Windows PC or a Mac where we can run Edge?

  • Hotkeys for us to set alert easily. And more than 200 alert at once please, these are very usefull and i hate to be stock at 200

  • BigT: You can add trade alerts in Questrade Trading, our web platform. Let us know if you need any assistance setting that up.

    Doudle666:  Thank you for your suggestions! We’ll relay them internally.

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