Trading just got a whole lot easier with our new platform

Here’s a preview of what you’ll see

Key concepts:

  • Our new unified trading and account management experience will transform how you trade
  • Task bars and navigation menus make everything simple to find
  • Gadgets let you customize a workspace to match your needs




We promised you a new trading platform this year. And now you have it. We've replaced IQ Essential with a new platform that takes trading to a whole new level. What changed? A little bit of everything.

Here’s a preview:


Trading anywhere you want
Our clients trade everywhere and on lots of different devices. They need a platform that can keep up with their busy lives. The great news is we’ve got everyone covered.

One of our clients, Blue (that’s his screen name), said he wants to be able to trade on Android and iOS. We heard you Blue. Our new trading environment definitely works on mobile devices.

Another client, Mykone, asked if the new platform will work on a Mac. You bet. Our new trading environment definitely works for Mac users like you.

Seaside commented:


A unified experience. You took the words right out of our mouths, Seaside.

You can trade from one of these:


One of these:



Or even one of these:


Knowledge is power
It’s not just accessibility that’s changing. It’s how you trade as well. Let’s look at watchlists.


Pooshka asked us for a watchlist that let him do snap quotes. We heard you Pooshka and we think you’ll like what you see.

Jed asked for simple-to-use watchlists. Well, Jed, the new watchlists are simpler and more powerful than ever before.

Your watchlists can now be gadgets too. Place your watchlists wherever you want in your workspace, or on an entirely separate monitor. You can have other gadgets too. Work with balances, positions, orders, and level 1 data. We’re just getting started.


Instant access
We told you about our new task menus that let you move between the tasks you need most with just a click or tap. Transfer money, update your options level, look up a stock, or find a tax slip, easier and faster than ever before.


We then went one step further. If you like to run a few applications at the same time as you’re trading, you don’t need to have the platform up on your monitor. If you enable our new notifications, you can receive a system alert when your order fills even when your platform is minimized.


We’re just getting started
As with our other platforms, we’ll continue to evolve this new trading environment over time and add new features and functions. All we can say for now though is: trading has changed and it is easier than ever before.

Where do you trade? Will you be using the new trading environment? Share your questions or comments below.


(Some features described in this blog may not be available until after launch.)

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  • Would we be able to do option strategies now like vertical puts, iron condors, etc with this new trading platform on mobile device?

  • So in regards to stocks, Questrade now has 2 trading platforms? IQ EDGE for desktop and the new one for everything web base (desktop, phone and tablets?). Is that correct?

  • A web platform for Active Trader... I have doubts.

  • Will I be able to find date of forward earnings announcements to ensure I do not trade options over earnings date ??

  • How about an Option Screener?  I have been asking for this for some time now...


  • Akrho: While you can trade options in our new platform, you can’t yet do option strategies. That is planned for a future version.

    Frsen11: For the moment, we will support all four different trading platforms: the new Questrade trading platform (former IQ Essential), IQ Edge for desktop, as well as our IQ Mobile apps, and IQ Web. We’ll be building up the new trading platform over the months ahead. When we (and you) are ready, we’ll discontinue IQ Web. But for anyone who loves IQ Web: no worries. It’s not any time soon and we’ll provide plenty of advance notice.

  • WebTrader: IQ Edge remains our recommended platform for active traders. This new platform isn’t designed to replace IQ Edge, and we have in fact just released a new update.

    LGMu: We’ve been listening! While this platform isn’t launching with an options screener, we’re adding one in the update for IQ Edge – also scheduled this weekend:

    Rebo: Unfortunately we don’t include forward earning announcement dates in our existing reports. As these dates are decided by individual companies and can be subject to change, I recommend visiting the investor relations pages of the specific companies.

  • There is this great app I use daily on iPhone called Stocks Live. I would love to be able to trade directly from it, as it is my one-stop-go-to place but I was disappointed to see Questrade was not one of the listed brokers there.  Any chance Team Questrade can look into linking with this app in the near future?

  • Hi AlphaTrader1,

    Thanks for letting me know about this app. We’ll reach out to them and get the ball rolling. From the way you describe them, they could be a great partner for our app hub and partner centre.

  • I've noticed a couple of things in the new platform that need attention, both related to Account Activity:

    The Symbol column may not show the full symbol.  For instance DYN1097 is truncated to DYN109, which is a valid symbol for a different fund.

    Export to Excel does not appear to honour the date range provided.  It looks like only the most recent quarter gets exported.  Even if the date range is set to the current month I still get the full quarter.

    So far I am enjoying the integrated platform.

  • I haven't figured it out yet. maybe after the Holidays I'll give it a go. I guess it is true its hard to teach an old dog new tricks

  • this doesn't work in safari on iphone 5s

  • GreigH: thanks for your feedback. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the integrated platform. I’ll pass your feedback along to the development team. We’re currently investigating the Excel issue.

    mickeyj297: we hope you grow to love the new platform as much as we do. If you have any questions about it, we’re here to help.

    himillionaire: are you using Safari in private mode? That can cause some problems accessing the platform. If you’re not using private mode, I can have someone from our client services team reach out to help diagnose the issue you’re experiencing.

  • i don't see an option to save the chart with my drawings on it. if we can't save our drawn lines on the chart it's useless. we need to be able to save our drawings on the chart and have it pull back up the drawing when i login from work next day! it would suck to start charting again in morning at work - no time for that!

  • is there any plans to revamp the IQ Edge platform? Remove the limit of having only 5 watchlists and maximum 50 stocks in each list? Make it available for Mac OS?

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